Cold starter
100g Homemade paté 49,-
150g Steak tartare, roasted bread 190,-

0,33l Soup of the day 35,-

Warm starter
100g Goose liver with onion 68,-

Vegegetarian cuisine
300g Broccoli with Cheese Sauce, vegetables 115,-
200g Fried cheese, vegetables 105,-
200g Fried mushroom skewer, vegetables 105,-

CZECH specialties
200g Boar meat noodles, vegetables 108,-
200g Goulash 107,-
½ Pheasant with foie gras 158,-
½ Pheasant with rosehip sauce 138,-
400g Hare with onion sauce 230,-
400g Hare with goose liver 249,-

200g Fresh salmon with cheese sauce, vegetables 190,-
250g Trout with herb butter, vegetables 195,-
250g Trout with roasted garlic, vegetables 195,-
200g Fried carp, vegetables 135,-
200g Chicken steak with basil, vegetables 140,-
200g Fried chicken breasts, vegetables 130,-
200g Chicken steak with blue cheese, vegetables 140,-

200g Deer medallions with juniper, vegetables 200,-
200g Deer medallions with asparágus, vegetables 235,-
200g Wild boar medallions with cranberry wine sauce, vegetables 245,-
200g Wild boar medallions with cream, onions, mushrooms, green pepper 245,-
200g Biftek „Charles IV“ (mushrooms, ham, red wine, ketchup) 255,-
200g Pfeffer Steak (green pepper, cream) 255,-
300g US BEEF steak with foie gras 275,-
300g US BEEF with sauteed mushrooms with white wine 265,-

200g Pork steak with ham and cheese, vegetables 135,-
300g Fried pork XXL, vegetables 165,-

Side dish
240g Potato pancakes 40,-
300g Homemade potato with garlic sauce 40,-
200g French fries 35,-
200g Rice 25,-
250g Roasted vegetables 45,-
200g Mashed potatoes 30,-
160g Dumplings 23,-

150g Mixed salad with cheese 48,-
150g Lettuce salad with garlic sauce 36,-
300g Mixed salad with chicken 138,-
Pancakes with blueberries and cream cheese 48,-
Sachertorte 35,-
Hot love (vanilla ice cream, hot raspberries, whipped cream) 52,-
Ice cream with fresh fruit 55,-

0,3l Pilsner Urquell 24,-
0,5l Pilsner Urquell 39,-
0,5l Dark beer Kozel (botlee) 29,-
0,5l Radegast Birell - non-alcoholic (botlee) 29,-
Soft drinks
0,3l Juice 30,-
0,33l coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite 35,-
0,33l water Mattoni 25,-
0,5l Ice tea 35,-
0,1l House wine white or red 20,-
Hot drinks
Espresso 35,-
Cappuccino 40,-
café au Latté 45,-
Tea 20,-
Mulled wine 40,-
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